IT as we know it is changing. For the last forty years, businesses have been on a constant treadmill of equipment purchases, software upgrades, expensive tech support, and failed backups. The Modern Workspace promises to change all of that, providing you with simple access to your applications and data any time, any where, and on any device with minimal equipment, included software upgrades, lower tech support costs – and backups are a thing of the past.

The Modern Workspace: Budgeting

In our experience in the business community, there’s one thing we can consistently depend on hearing from our customers when we talk about their infrastructure. It’s the collective groaning and angst that comes with the prospect of having to shell out, in some cases, tens – or even hundreds – of thousands of dollars to upgrade aging technology equipment.

For most of the past IT era, this has been the paradigm: Large investments into equipment and software and then long depreciation of those assets over anywhere from three to seven years, and sometimes even beyond.

While this has been the financial paradigm for decades, there are a number of consequences of this approach:

Cash Flow

Having to track and budget your IT asset lifecycle is difficult, and when it comes time to buy replacement equipment it may not have been identified in your operational budget for the year. These sorts of surprises can have a big impact on your blood pressure and your organization if not properly planned for years in advance.

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