On-Demand Webinar:

Proven Backup & Disaster Recovery Platform

On-demand webinar recorded September 12, 2017

Verve Networks and Datto Inc. co-presented this webinar to inform our clients about how a proven backup & disaster recovery platform can be your secret weapon in the war against cybercrime. 

Can your business afford $1,000 per minute?

Because if your business is the victim of a cyberattack, that’s exactly how much it could cost you. 

Between unplanned downtime and lost productivity, a ransomware attack could cost a midsize business close to $1,000 per minute, and 67% of ransomware attacks target small and midsize businesses.

Verve IT is built on three pillars of engagement: Responsive IT SupportProactive Operations and Technology Implementations. These three core areas of service delivery allow us to ensure that a team of dedicated IT professionals can engage almost any client in a meaningful way and help them advance to the next level, whether that’s a new build-out, an upgrade of an existing infrastructure or attainment of the modern work space.

The experts at Verve can help protect you against these types of losses. Contact Us!

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