New Google Tool Tells You If Your Password Was in a Data Breach

New Google Tool Tells You If Your Password Was in a Data Breach

With all the recent data breaches and millions of passwords stolen, you might want to double check that your login information hasn’t been compromised.

Google has released a new Chrome browser extension called Password Checkup that provides alerts to users who try to log in to a site with compromised credentials.
The idea is pretty simple: when a username and password combination is entered it is checked with Google’s known breach data, all while keeping your data encrypted and protected! If the password and username show up in breached data, you will be alerted to change your password. Only when both your current username and password appear in a breach will you be prompted. However, outdated and weak passwords will not prompt a password change.
If you do not use Google Chrome, you can check to see if your email has been compromised in data breaches by using Firefox’s website tool, Monitor.

Protecting your passwords should always be a number one priority!

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