Can Your Organization Take Advantage of a Private Cloud?

Can Your Organization Take Advantage of a Private Cloud?

Can Your Organization Take Advantage of a Private Cloud?

If your business isn’t already taking advantage of the cloud in some way, you’re in the minority. Most businesses use it for something or another, depending on the industry and service rendered. Yet, there are all kinds of different cloud-based infrastructures that your organization can take advantage of, which might make the decision somewhat challenging to make. What’s the best type of cloud solution for your business?

You’ll generally be choosing between the public cloud, the private cloud, or some combination of the two. Depending on which you choose, you can expect to reap considerable benefits. Here are some of the details regarding your choices.

Public Cloud
There are certain reasons why a small business might find the public cloud ideal. Most organizations that don’t have a dedicated IT department will see a cloud solution as more additional management and maintenance that they don’t have time for. This is one of the aspects that makes the public cloud so appealing to small businesses with limited time, budgets, and workforces. The public cloud removes the responsibility of managing a cloud from your business’ shoulders while maintaining an acceptable level of security.

Businesses that take advantage of the public cloud, however, do have some reservations about the control of their data–primarily because the public cloud is generally hosted and maintained by the service provider. While this is great from an operational standpoint, it limits your ability to respond to security threats. Therefore, you must be aware of what customization options are available before making a decision regarding the public cloud.

Private Cloud
In direct contrast to the public cloud, a private cloud is hosted on your company’s in-house infrastructure, which allows for more flexibility and customization on your company’s part. You can essentially customize your cloud solution as per your requirements. Companies that have their technology maintained by an in-house team generally prefer a private cloud solution, but sometimes it’s not necessarily an option.

Companies that don’t have an internal IT department and still take advantage of a private cloud solution might wind up stretching their own resources too far. If you can’t properly take care of your technology, then perhaps a managed cloud is a better approach for your particular business. For those who want the best of both the public and private clouds, a managed private cloud is the ideal solution.

Managed Private Cloud
Small businesses that want the benefits of a private cloud solution while avoiding the heavy lifting of maintaining the server hardware should look into a managed private cloud. Verve Networks can use our comprehensive knowledge of managed IT solutions and cloud infrastructures to build you an on-premise cloud solution that we can remotely monitor and maintain. If you want even less to worry about, we can host your server on our own network so that it’s as hands-off as you can get. To learn more about managed private servers, reach out to us at (209) 244-7120.

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