Top 5 IT Buzzwords

Top 5 IT Buzzwords

Top 5 IT Buzzwords

IT buzzwords

A buzzword is a word or phrase, new or already existing, that becomes very popular for a period of time. And in the fast-paced world of information technology, following the right buzzwords could put you a step ahead of the rest in your industry. Here are the top five IT buzzwords for 2021.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

For years – thanks to movies like “I, Robot” and “Blade Runner” – artificial intelligence is often viewed as an evil technology bent on replacing humans either in the workplace or permanently. But the truth is much less sinister.

AI is simply machine intelligence, specifically pertaining to the machine’s ability to learn from experience. The most common applications include data mining, facial recognition, and language understanding. In the future, AI will be able to help users in smartphone-like capacities – booking appointments, meetings, and the cheapest or best hotels and flights, all based on your habits and preferences.

Digital Transformation

While this IT buzzword has been thrown around a lot lately in reference to the popularity boom in videoconferencing and collaboration technologies, digital transformation means a business or industry is using digital technology to aid in a specific area of their business.

For example, businesses pivoting from in-store-only or cash-based transactions to online shopping experiences have undergone a digital transformation. It’s all about progress.


Disruption is a tech buzzword that seems to be overused, lately. It’s often used in conjunction with the idea of business or process continuity – for example, the disruptions that COVID-19 caused have reverberated around the world. Many ideas, processes, and functions are not nearly as permanent as they seem.

But don’t let this word scare you – disruption can also come before innovation or evolution, big changes that are necessary to a business or industry’s survival.


There’s been a lot of fear surrounding this buzzword as well – 5G. All it really means is we are in the beginning stages of the 5th generation of mobile networks. 5G is designed to

help deliver faster internet and a better connection to the Internet of Things.

Cloud Everything

TechRepublic shared a witty and insightful look into buzzwords and why “cloud something somethings” are not as difficult to understand as we think: it means that your data is stored on a server not owned by you or your business.

For example, the concept of the distributed cloud is a newcomer based on computing devices or programs being able to gain the ability to extract detailed information from images, on a scale that would make Google’s image searching functions seem like a Floppy disk in comparison.

Other features would include 5G-linked services, distributed services that connect and interact with edge services, on-premises and public-style cloud, metro-area computing clouds that serve specific geographic areas and global network edge-based cloud that can integrate with global networks and their infrastructures (routers, towers, etc.).

Now That Your Head is in the Cloud…

Just because technology is constantly evolving to improve on the human experience doesn’t mean you can’t have a human-focused IT services provider.

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